Difference between a Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS)

At first glance Network Attached storage, also called NAS is not much different from a Storage Area Network (SAN). They both attach to a network, they both provide storage to computers on their network. There are some major differences between the two storage roles. However, these two things are becoming more and more the same thing. Today we will discuss what the difference is between a storage area network and network attached storage (SAN vs NAS). Differences in Appearance The first thing Read more […]

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Configuring OpenFiler Tutorial

Today’s video outlines how to configure Openfiler and continues where I left off from the installing OpenFiler video. This article assumes that you have already already installed Openfiler. For instructions on how to do that see our video on installing openfiler.**Note: This information came from a previous site of ours, so the information may be out of dateToday’s video covers: Setting up the OpenFiler LDAP Server (Part 1) Creating Users and Groups (Part 1) Setting up Network ACL’s (Part Read more […]