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Working with Netapp Support

I have spent a lot of time with various vendors support departments; and I have to say, Netapp has one of the best support departments.  If I call Netapp at 2:00 AM on a Sunday morning, I can get someone on the phone right away.  My one complaint is that I cannot open a ticket via E-Mail.  Fortunately that is not a big hurdle to cross. When you are working with Netapp support you can either open a ticket over the phone or via the Now website.  If you do not have a NOW login, I would Read more […]

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Reading and Analyzing Perfstat Files from 7-mode Netapp

When troubleshooting performance issues on a Netapp storage system, Perfstat is a very useful utility. There are other ways to get performance statistics, but they are not quite as detailed.The perfstat file at first glance can be rather daunting. Perfstat files get very large, very fast, and may scare away the faint at heart. But, if you spend a little time looking them over, they start to make some sense.For the purpose of this article I am going to focus on three areas which will help you to pinpoint Read more […]

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Differences between Enterprise and Consumer grade Storage Systems

When considering your storage systems you will be faced with many choices covering a whole range of price ranges. In this chapter I will cover some of the differences and similarities between consumer grade and enterprise grade equipment. **Note this content was migrated from our old site. Some information may be a bit dated In my examples, I will use a Netapp FAS 2040 as my model Enterprise system. It is the cheapest Netapp you can buy at this time, and it falls into the Enterprise class storage Read more […]

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Enable BranchCache On Netapp CIFS shares

Branch Cache is a caching technology to help with performance when accessing file shares over a WAN. Netapp supports this technology and it can be used with compatible clients such as Windows 7 Enterprise and newer, and Server 2008r2 and newer Enable Branch Cache on a storage system Enable SMB 2.1:

The command enables both SMB 2.0 and SMB 2.1. Enable BranchCache:

Optional: Configure the time (in seconds) to keep Read more […]