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How to setup a lab for Netapp Clustermode (CDOT)

Today we will discuss how to setup your own lab for testing out/learning Netapp Data OnTap. Today’s discussion will be related to cluster mode since all new installations at this point are running cluster mode. The last version of 7-mode was 8.2.3. And the latest version of Cluster mode is version 9.5.  In the future, …

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Netapp Storage

Working with Netapp Support

I have spent a lot of time with various vendors support departments, and I have to say, Netapp has one of the best support departments.  If I call Netapp at 2:00 AM on a Sunday morning, I can get someone on the phone right away.  My one complaint is that I cannot open a ticket via E-Mail. …

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Introduction to Storage

In the field of storage, you used to be able to simply buy enough hard drives to fill your space needs and you would end up with sufficient disks to fulfill your performance needs. Unfortunately, with hard disks getting so large, this is no longer the case. To make matters worse, when you start moving …

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How to install Open Filer 2.3

Today’s video shows how to install Open Filer in a Virtual Machine. Open Filer is a very easy to use storage system which integrates with Active Directory and LDAP. It supports NFS, iSCSI, SMB, etc… It has many features including Snapshots, Replication, and High Availability. There is a both a Community Version (Free) and a …

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Configuring OpenFiler Tutorial

Today’s video outlines how to configure Openfiler and continues where I left off from the installing OpenFiler video. This article assumes that you have already already installed Openfiler. For instructions on how to do that see our video on installing openfiler. **Note: This information came from a previous site of ours, so the information may …

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Netapp Storage

Enable BranchCache On Netapp CIFS shares

Branch Cache is a caching technology to help with performance when accessing file shares over a WAN. Netapp supports this technology and it can be used with compatible clients such as Windows 7 Enterprise and newer, and Server 2008r2 and newer Enable Branch Cache on a storage system Enable SMB 2.1: options cifs.smb2.enable on The …