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Configuring Open Filer Tutorial

This information came from a previous site of ours, so the information may be out of dateToday's video outlines how to configure Openfiler and continues where I left off from the installing OpenFiler video.Today’s video covers:Setting up the OpenFiler LDAP Server (Part 1)Creating Users and Groups (Part 1)Setting up Network ACL’s (Part 1)Creating Volumes (Part 1)Creating Network Shares (Part 2)Creating iSCSI Luns (Part 2)Open Filer Video Part 1:Open Filer Video Part 2:For those of you who don’t Read more [...]

Connecting to storage Systems using iSCSI, NFS, and CIFS (SMB)

As there are a variety of tasks you may need to achieve, there are many different ways to connect to your storage system. Each operating system has differing methods for utilizing these protocols, and different operating systems will perform differently with each protocol. For the purpose of this article we are going to focus on two methods of connecting to storage; LUN’s and File Shares. In my examples I will be using Open Filer as the storage device, then various Linux and Windows editions Read more [...]

Creating a BranchCache enabled CIFS share on Netapp

Branch Cache is a caching technology to help with performance when accessing file shares over a WAN. Netapp supports this technology and it can be used with compatible clients such as Windows 7 Enterprise and newer, and Server 2008r2 and newer Enable Branch Cache on a storage system Enable SMB 2.1: options cifs.smb2.enable on The command enables both SMB 2.0 and SMB 2.1.Enable BranchCache: options cifs.smb2_1.branch_cache.enable onOptional: Configure the time (in seconds) to keep an unused BranchCache Read more [...]