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Machine Learning Python

What are Stop words?

Stop words are the words that are filtered out when a computer is doing natural language processing. Which words are stop words? There is no single list of stop words. The stop words you use will vary depending on the specific project you were working on. In python, there is a library called the natural …

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Programming Python

How to create Functions in Python 3

All modern programming languages have the concept of functions or methods. Functions and methods are the same things, but depending on the specific language you are using, they are called one or the other. Functions and methods are one way you can create reusable blocks of code. Then call them over and over throughout your …

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What are the different types of software testing?

As you are writing your software, you need to ensure everything is working properly. You can best achieve your goal through the use of automated and manual tests. There are four main categories of tests are: Unit Integration Functional (AKA Systems Tests) Acceptance Later in this article, we will discuss what each of these tests …

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Creating CLI Utilities with Python

If you do any sort of automation, you have probably done a fair amount of work using the CLI on your computer.   This is applicable regardless of the platform. If you use Python you might have asked yourself how you could start making your own command line utilities to help you in your daily …

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Programming Python

What is the python requirements.txt?

If you have browsed any python projects on Github or elsewhere, you have probably noticed a file called requirements.txt  This requirements.txt file is used for specifying what python packages are required to run the project you are looking at.  Typically the requirements.txt file is located in the root directory of your project. If you open …

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Troubleshooting Python on MacOS

MacOS ships with Python 2.7 Pre-installed. This is helpful when you are just getting started with Python since you can just start using it with no setup. Unfortunately, Python 2.7 is going out of support in 2020, so we all need to get to upgrading to Python 3. When you start upgrading Python, there is …

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Python Unit Testing using pytest

Unit testing is the act of testing a small unit of your code. Generally, this means you are testing a function or a class in isolation. If you are doing this unit testing manually, you simply run your function, then check and make sure it gave you the expected output. This is what you have …

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What is Agile Development?

Agile is a set of principles that developers can follow to be more effective in developing their software. The whole thing started with a set of principles that were developed by a group of industry leaders back in 2001. Given that Agile is a set of principles, it is more guidelines vs strict rules to …