Working with Netapp Support

I have spent a lot of time with various vendors support departments; and I have to say, Netapp has one of the best support departments.  If I call Netapp at 2:00 AM on a Sunday morning, I can get someone on the phone right away.  My one complaint is that I cannot open a ticket via E-Mail.  Fortunately that is not a big hurdle to cross. When you are working with Netapp support you can either open a ticket over the phone or via the Now website.  If you do not have a NOW login, I would Read more […]

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Introduction to Server Virtualization

When people talk about Virtualization, they are most of the time referring to either Machine Virtualization, or Application Virtualization. When You Virtualize an application, you isolate the application to run it its own little world, sometimes called a Sand Box. By doing this you can get around application compatibility issues, and simplify application deployment. These virtual applications appear to run as normal applications, but in reality are running in a separate environment. I will go Read more […]

Benefits of using Virtualization for Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery can be a difficult thing to plan for. You back up your systems; perhaps you replicate your data to an off-site facility; maybe you even build all redundant systems. After doing all of these things, what is your goal? It is to get your systems back up and running after some sort of a disaster, such as your building burning down; or an electrical failure in your data center. Below I have listed a few possible scenarios you may encounter. In these scenarios I outline a few problems Read more […]