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5 kinds of Compute on Google Cloud

When you think of compute, your mind probably goes straight to virtual machines. But there are actually 5 different kinds of compute on Google Cloud. Today we will discuss what these different kinds of compute are, how to use them, and when you might use each kind of compute. Abstraction levels Before we go further, …

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What is hybrid cloud?

Moving stuff to the cloud has been all the rage in the last few years. And for many situations that is the right thing to do. Especially when you are working on a Greenfield project where you can design everything from scratch. However, in many organizations, you have applications and servers that cannot or should …

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What is the Cloud?

For the last few years, the word Cloud has been used a lot. It seems as though everyone has latched onto this word cloud. But what does the cloud really mean? My definition of the cloud is the internet. A cloud service would be a service that is hosted by someone else and you access …