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Manually create TCP Printer Port using Powershell

Adding Network printers to a print server can be cumbersome when doing it through the GUI.  For that reason, you may want to attempt to do it via a CLI interface.  Below I have listed the Powershell commands for adding a TCP port for a TCP printer. Syntax The syntax for adding the TCP print port via powershell is as follows: Add-PrinterPort -Name “ip_IPAddress” -PrinterHostAddress IPAddress Example Here is an example of the command: Add-PrinterPort -Name “ip_10.0.0.7″ -PrinterHostAddress Read more […]

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Fixing Error 500 in WordPress

Wordpress can break for a variety of reasons.  Generally when it breaks, you will have one of a few symptoms.  You will get an HTTP error, you will get a blank page, or there will be some broken functionality.  The goal of this article is to troubleshoot the HTTP Error 500 you may see. HTTP Error 500 means internal server error. This can have a variety of causes. With wordpress there are 4 common causes: Allocated Memory has been exhausted Corrupted .htaccess file corrupted php file Read more […]

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Squashing GIT Commits

When you are working with version control. You may have multiple commits that you would like to combine into a single commit. Or perhaps you want to change their order, etc… First you need to determine how far back you want to go. Open a command prompt or terminal window, navigate to your Git Repository. next, type> git log -10 The above command will show the last 10 commits. If that does not go far enough back, in increase the number 10 Once you have identified the commits you wish to Read more […]

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Creating a BranchCache enabled CIFS share on Netapp

Branch Cache is a caching technology to help with performance when accessing file shares over a WAN. Netapp supports this technology and it can be used with compatible clients such as Windows 7 Enterprise and newer, and Server 2008r2 and newerEnable Branch Cache on a storage system Enable SMB 2.1: options cifs.smb2.enable on The command enables both SMB 2.0 and SMB 2.1. Enable BranchCache: options cifs.smb2_1.branch_cache.enable on Optional: Configure the time (in seconds) to keep an unused Read more […]


Windows Update Commands

The windows Update CLI commands are useful for troubleshooting Windows Update errors. And they are helpful when you need to automate the windows update tasks.  In newer versions of windows, the WUAUCLT command has been deprecated.  However, I have included the syntax for those commands because they still work on older versions of windows. Newer versions of windows support the powershell cmdlets for windows update.  In the second section of this article I describe the powershell cmdlets for windows Read more […]

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Sending an email Programmatically using Java

This post includes a function you can use for sending emails from your Java application. One thing to note is the javax.mail libraries are not included in the Java JDK, so you will have to download them separately. The java mail library can be downloaded from the following location: Once you have downloaded the java mail library, you will need to add the mail.jar Read more […]

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Reading and Writing Files in Java

A common task in any programming language is Reading and Writing files. Below are a couple of functions that can be used for these purposes, along with descriptions of their use. Be sure to import for these functions to work.

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Virtual machine(s) invalid in vCenter

Sometimes virtual machines within your VMWare environment may show up as invalid. The machine is in-fact still running at this point; but you are unable to manage the virtual machine. This can happen for a few reasons, but in my experience the most common is when the esx host is unable to access the storage.

I have seen this caused by high latency when accessing an NFS datastore, when you leave an offline datastore mounted for an extended period, and I have also seen this happen when a SAN controller failover event occurs.

This condition happens when the esx host cannot access the vmx file (vmware configuration file) in the datastore, so VMWare just sort of forgets the configuration of the machine. The process which runs the virtual machine is still running on the host, so your VM does not crash. But, you still need to recover since HA, DRS, etc… no longer work when the VM is in this state.

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Scripting Basics

Scripting is a very useful skill which will save any Sysadmin a lot of time. Who wants to go to every device in their environment and perform the same task over and over again? In this posting I will cover a few basics for those getting started in scripting.