Windows Update Commands

The windows update command utility in windows is: WUAUCLT

Here are a list of the available switches for the WUAUCLT command:


You can also do it via powershell. You can download the powershell module here:

After module is installed:
Import-Module PSWindowsUpdate

Powershell commands:

  • Add-WUOfflineSync
  • Add-WUServiceManager
  • Get-WUHistory
  • Get-WUInstall
  • Get-WUInstallerStatus
  • Get-WUList
  • Hide-WUUpdate
  • Invoke-WUInstall
  • Get-WURebootStatus
  • Get-WUServiceManager
  • Get-WUUninstall
  • Remove-WUOfflineSync
  • Remove-WUServiceManager 
  • Update-WUModule 

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