Machine learning Models vs Algorithms

Machine learning is very prevalent these days. But you may not understand all of the lingo. In this article, we will discuss what the difference is between a machine learning model and a machine learning algorithm. We will also discuss when to use what models, and a few, types of machine learning algorithms. Models Machine learning models are at their core, very complicated statistical formulas. You give the model a set of inputs, these inputs are run through your formulas, and then you get an Read more […]

How to Install cURL on Windows

This article describes how to install and use CURL on Windows. Curl is a free command line utility used for transferring files using various protocols. Most commonly it is used for trasnferring files over HTTP(S).cURL comes natively installed on unix based operating systems such as MacOS and Linux. But windows is left out. Now that we have powershell on windows, you can get some of the functionality of cURL using various cmdlests like invoke-webrequest. However, if you are used to using a unix toolset, Read more […]

Creating a webpage using Python and Flask

Did you know you can host a webpage using nothing but Python code? You don’t have to use things like IIS or Apache. While you may not get all of the same features. When you are trying to write a simple application. Or if you want to host an API, this route is an option for you. In this article, I will describe how to create a basic webpage using Python and Flask.PrerequisitesTo follow this tutorial, you need the following three prerequisites: Intall Pyhon 3 Install Pip Install Flask To fulfill Read more […]

Published Applications vs Application Virtualization

Portability of Software is the ability to run the same software on a number of different systems.  One of the goals of many software developers are to be able to write the application once, and run it on as many platforms as possible.  A similar goal of Systems administrators is to ensure you can run software with as few conflicts as possible Typically when one thinks of portability of software in the context of virtualization, two things come to mind, Published Applications and Application Virtualization. Read more […]

Installing and Configuring Kernel Virtual Machines (KVM) on Fedora/Redhat/Centos

KVM Stands for Kernel Virtual Machine. KVM is a virtualization technology built into the Linux Kernel based on QEMU (Quick Emulator) and is used for server virtualization. QEMU allows for virtualizing hardware, all the way from a complete hardware stack to a single device. KVM basically takes QEMU and allows it to use hardware extensions to achieve better performance. KVM is the default hypervisor in the Open Stack project. **Note: This content was ported from our old website. So the information Read more […]

Error Handling in Python using With and Try

In this article we will discuss error handling using Python With Statements Try/Except/Finally statements, show how to use these in combination, and compare how it works to try/catch code blocks in other languages.What is error handling?Error handling is when you put in some extra code to tell your script what to do when things don’t go totally to plan. Perhps you try to open a file that isn’t there. Or perhaps a user puts in unexpected input.Without any error handling, your program or script Read more […]

Creating word clouds with Python

Creating word clouds in Python is easy thanks to a few open source libraries. Today, we weull use the ammueler word cloud library and matplotlib to draw some word clouds.Word clouds are useful visualization tools for looking at the general theme of a document. As a document contains more instances of a given word, that word gets larger in the word cloud, and other words get smaller.PrerequisitesBefore we get started, you will need to install the prerequisites by running the following commands:

If Read more […]

Graphing using Python and Matplotlib

In this article I will introduce you to graphing in python using matplotlib. There are many kinds of charts you can use with matplot lib. By the end of this article, you should understand how to draw basic bar, line, and scatterplot charts.As you go through each of the example charts, you will see there are two arrays. These arrays are for the X and Y axis. And will sometimes include labels for the values on the chart.PrerequisitesBefore you get started, you will need to intall the prerequisites. Read more […]

Difference between a Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS)

At first glance Network Attached storage, also called NAS is not much different from a Storage Area Network (SAN). They both attach to a network, they both provide storage to computers on their network. There are some major differences between the two storage roles. However, these two things are becoming more and more the same thing. Today we will discuss what the difference is between a storage agrea network and network attached storage (SAN vs NAS).Differences in AppearanceThe first thing to look Read more […]

How to use Vagrant with VMWare vCenter

Vagrant is a tool made by hashicorp for provisioning and deprovisioning virtual machines and groups of virtual machines. Frequently Vagrant is used for brining up test machines on your local computer. But, sometimes you want to run your virtual machines in your datacenter. In this article, I will describe how to use Vagrant with vmware VCenter to provision and de-provision virtual machines running in your datacenter.As you are running through this article, you will need to download various files. Read more […]